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Author: Stephen O. Akindayomi
Year of Publication: 2010

With this book 'GOD THE GOOD SHEPHERD' Written By: Stephen O. Akindayomi, you can unlock your true potential. If you want to set goals for yourself... but don't know where to start... this book will help you! Our God is not just a Shepherd but “A Good One” Everyone who will love to practice God’s love and have a personal relationship with Jesus will need to read this book. This book teaches willing person how he can be more effective in his daily life. Could it be that people have labelled you as nothing? It's one thing to suffer for doing wrong and something else entirely to suffer for doing right. However it happens...Tip from the book... America voted Obama, Obama’s victory was not just for African-Americans, it is proof that in the world we live in, our skin colour does not define how much we can achieve. I tell you no matter how tough life gets, if you can see the shore and draw your strength from Christ you’ll make it.


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